Firearms, Handgun, CPL Training for Women – Kalamazoo

Woman shooting at the range

Only men can shoot guns? That might have been the prevailing opinion 20 years ago but not anymore. Today, women represent the fastest growing demographic in the firearms industry. We find our female students have a practical understanding of the world in which they live. They understand creeps are everywhere and the vast majority of them are bigger, stronger men. Women who seek firearm training have made the conscious decision to take responsibility for their own personal safety – they realize a handgun is an effective way to level the playing field.

At Family 1st Defense, we welcome all students who are new to handguns, women included. Our friendly, patient, and plain-spoken approach to firearms training is perfectly suited for the ladies. We encourage our female students to choose a handgun that best suits their personal level of comfort – size, caliber, tolerance to recoil, etc. The best gun is the one you can shoot accurately – even if it is a small-caliber model.

If you are a woman who wants to learn how to safely operate a handgun, and can round up a few more like-minded ladies, consider hosting a “girls’ day out” event with Family 1st Defense . Whether you want to obtain a Michigan concealed pistol license (CPL) to carry a firearm in public or your vehicle, or simply learn the basics, we can come to you with a private class, tailored to your needs.

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