Suppressors 101

Suppressors (otherwise known as “silencers”) are nothing new. They are essentially mufflers for firearms and have been around since the very early 1900’s. In 1934, the National Firearms Act (NFA) was implemented as a means to restrict and regulate certain firearms and devices. This included a heavy $200 tax on suppressors, essentially halting development for […]

Make Your Vehicle a “Gun Sticker-Free Zone”

Tim Cooper Family 1st Defense One of my favorite columnists in the firearms industry is Beth Alcazar. She writes and blogs for the United States Concealed Carry Association, a fine organization to which I am also affiliated. Beth has a special gift for being passionate about firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights, without the bombastic […]

“March for Our Lives” Leads to Week of Insanity

Family 1st Defense Regardless of where you think you stand on guns, we encourage you to read the post below by the NRA-ILA. It summarizes some of the notable statements made by “March for Our Lives” activists and lauded by the media — statements that prove responsible 2A supporters are not a paranoid bunch of […]