Private Group CPL Training in Kalamazoo – We Come to You

Our concealed pistol license (CPL) training is based upon curriculum developed by the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, officially recognized by the State of Michigan.

Here’s How it Works …

  • Date and time: Customers are responsible for gathering their groups and coordinating the class date with Family 1st Defense.
  • Class length and structure: Per state requirements, the CPL class is eight hours long – five hours for the presentation and three hours for range prep and shooting.
  • Fee: We charge a flat fee for groups up to six people, with an up-charge for each student over and above six. See our pricing page for more information.
  • Presentation format: We prefer to deliver our slide presentation live and in-person at the customer’s site; however, we can also present virtually via Microsoft Teams.
  • Range Time:
    • Each student is encouraged to train with his or her own firearm during the live-fire portion of our class. At least 100 rounds of full metal jacket (FMJ) target ammunition will be required.
    • Don’t yet own a handgun? No problem. Students can rent one of our recoil-friendly .22 cal pistols for a nominal fee. Rental includes up to 100 rounds of ammunition. Rentals require advance notice and payment.
    • Approved eye and ear protection are required.
    • There is a zero tolerance policy for reckless and careless behavior at the shooting range. We reserve the right to remove anyone from training who threatens the safety of others. Students removed due to safety concerns will not receive a refund.
    • Students may be asked to repeat the live-fire portion of the class if they are unable to meet minimum target accuracy requirements. (This is an extremely rare occurrence, as we can usually make the necessary adjustments to shooting technique during the allotted time.)

More Information

• See our pricing page for cost info.

• See our CPL FAQ page.

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