Don’t Replace Your Safe – Expand its Capacity

Tim Cooper, Family 1st Defense

I may know what’s bugging you. Like any responsible firearms owner, you store your guns in a safe. However, soon after your collection grew beyond a few, you realized that safe wasn’t as large as it looked at the store. Am I right? Well, it’s not surprising – especially if you own long guns. Unfortunately, the capacity specs published by safe manufacturers can often be misleading because they don’t account for gun-mounted accessories like scopes, tactical lights, laser sights, and fore-grips.

If you’re like me, you long ago overwhelmed the “leaner rack” surrounding the perimeter of the rifle compartment, so you began packing in guns any way they would fit. The result is an unorganized mess that might very well tumble out the next time you open the door, creating the risk of cosmetic damage or worse. Time to buy a bigger safe? Not so fast! What if I told you there’s a way to get up to 50% more space in your existing safe for less than the cost of the sales tax on a new one? Consider the Rifle Rods system, by Gun Storage Solutions.

How it Works

Rifle Rods 10-rod bundle with shelf liner (Courtesy of Gun Storage Solutions)

The Rifle Rods system is as incredibly simple as it is innovative, proving there is true beauty in uncomplicated solutions. The product allows you to utilize the space typically wasted by the safe’s native storage system. The secret sauce is a hook-and-loop system, consisting of a hooked surface on the top end of the molded plastic rifle rod, and a micro looped fabric that serves as the “sticky” shelf liner.

Rifle Rods installation 
(Courtesy of Gun Storage Solutions)

Preparing your safe for this storage system requires lining the “ceiling” of your safe’s long gun compartment with the fabric – cutting a piece to the desired size and shape, then securing it with a staple gun or a light coating of spray adhesive. Once the fabric is installed, you’re good to go.

Insert the bottom end of the rifle rod down the barrel of the long gun, rest the stock at the desired location on the safe’s floor, then extend the rod straight up to “stick” the top end to the liner above. The illusion is that the rod itself bears the entire weight of the gun. In reality, the floor takes the weight and the rod merely acts as a guide to keep the gun floating in perfect, vertical balance. In this way, the system gives you infinite control over the spacing between your rifles and shotguns – both across and deep – allowing you to use every square inch of space as efficiently as possible.

The liner is made of industrial-grade, woven nylon which does not fray, even when the rods are repeatedly removed and re-attached. Rifle Rods are available in a 5-, 10-, 20-, and 40-rod kits.

What About Your Handguns & Mags?

Need a system to organize your handguns too? Gun Storage Solutions has you covered, offering a variety of accessories that take advantage of spaces between rows of long guns and shelves. These include various styles of handgun hangers, under- and over-shelf mounts, that attach to either the front or rear edge.

Pistol storage (Courtesy of Gun Storage Solutions)

The GSS product catalog includes a few magazine organizers as well:

Magazine storage
(Courtesy of Gun Storage Solutions)
  • MagMinder – Wire hanger that fits AR, AK, and most double-stack handgun magazines.
  • MagMount – 3” x 10” magnetic strip, compatible with any metal magazine, that mounts with either the provided adhesive backing (for metal surfaces) or nails (for drywall or wood surfaces)
  • Multi-Mag – All-purpose magnetic solution for mounting both handguns and magazines. It can be used horizontally (under a gun safe shelf or desk surface), or vertically (on any metal surface).

The Handgun Hangers and MagMinder accessories are made of vinyl-coated metal wire, so they won’t damage firearms and magazines. Magnetic products are also coated to protect your stuff.

American Made and Family-Owned

Gun Storage Solutions is a small, family-owned business. All components are proudly manufactured in the United States at facilities in Illinois. Are these guys really ready for the big leagues? You’d better believe it. They had a strong presence at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas – and many of the top gun safe manufactures, including Liberty and Rhino Metals, are beginning to offer the Rifle Rods system with their products.

It’s Not Magic …

Of course, it would take nothing short of genuine wizardry to physically stretch the interior dimensions of a steel box. Gun Storage Solutions makes no such claim but, looking at before and after photos sent in by actual customers, you might just think Gandalf the Grey was somehow involved.

Typical Before & After Results (Courtesy of Gun Storage Solutions)

If you are thinking of ditching an existing gun safe because it’s too crowded to store that new AR you’ve had your eye on, try the simple and cost-effective Rifle Rods system first. I’m willing to bet you’ll find enough space for that new tactical shotgun too.